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Cabo Revenge

Ethan Cruickshank is back. More than a year after the violent breakdown that landed him in a mental hospital, the erstwhile private investigator—now comfortably relocated to the beautiful tip of the Baja Peninsula—finds himself recruited by two clients, both willing to pay handsomely for bookcover-CaboRevenge-smhim to round up same fugitive from justice. Andy Rosa, spoiled heir to an oil fortune, skipped bail while on trial for drugging and raping several young women. Is the rich bail-jumper hiding in laid-back Cabo San Lucas, Cruickshank’s new hometown? After checking with wife Dina and his calming therapist, Cruickshank decides to take the case, which has him patrolling the sun-drenched beaches and cruising the laid-back bars of the Mexican resort town. But who’s calling the shots for the odd collection of lowlifes running interference against the P.I.? After a smart, beautiful, American woman helps Ethan sort out clues, she becomes another victim of cruel violence. That makes the mission to capture Rosa and accomplices a personal quest for Cruickshank and his able young partner, former San Francisco cop Tony Suarez. With reinforcements both imported (a muscular bounty hunter from Oxnard) and local (an accommodating police lieutenant withmatinee-idol looks) they attempt a takedown that turns even uglier than they’d anticipated. In Cruickshank, Author Robert Wisehart has created a thoroughly human and deeply flawed protagonist who—when he’s in his right mind—knows how to laugh at himself and the absurdities of the world around him. In Cabo Revenge, Wisehart delivers a multi-layered, thoughtful thriller with a sense of humor as refreshing as an offshore breeze.

Cabo Storm

A spoiled, intemperate Hollywood actress blows into beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico, churning up everything in her path—not least the becalmed career of private eye Ethan Cruickshank. Scarred by a hellish childhood ordeal, Ethan has always wielded hiCaboStorm-frontonlys tough-guy insouciance like a shield, screening off a vulnerability that lately—since wife Dina’s death—has pushed him into the emotional equivalent of a tropical depression. He needed something to jar him back into action, but this particular case and this sexy—if predacious—client were not what he had in mind. A tabloid bad-girl whose real life misadventures have overshadowed her inconsequential roles, Rio LeDoux is desperate for a comeback. Her business manager tabs Ethan to keep the star safe and fend off further scandals. Playing glorified babysitter on a location movie set isn’t his thing, but when the case suddenly evolves into a missing-person hunt, Cruikshank returns to peak form. Danger gathers like storm clouds just beyond the lovely Baja horizon as the investigator races to solve two mysterious disappearances while a Pacific hurricane bears down on the peninsula resort. Full of suspense and surprises, Cabo Storm delivers a Category 5 wallop. Fans of author Robert Wisehart, as well as newcomers to his Cabo series of thrillers, won’t want to miss this new Ethan Cruickshank adventure.

Cabo Sunset

A grieving Ethan Cruickshank reluctantly agrees to work for his old acquaintance and sometime nemesis Jeff LaForge, an online mogul. Private investigator Cruickshank’s job is to look into a series of what appear to be threats against LaForge. Like a lot of people, Cruickshank bookcover-CaboSunset-smwouldn’t mind so much if somebody took a shot at the egotistical businessman, but he’d hate to see anything happen to LaForge’s gorgbookcover-CaboSunset-smeous wife, an old flame. The danger suddenly becomes more than threat when one of LaForge’s employees is murdered. Why? And who would pay a trio of Nicaraguan thugs to attack Cruickshank with a baseball bat? Flying back and forth between his home in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and his former stomping grounds in California, the private eye struggles with a case that seems to make less sense the deeper he probes. Novelist Robert Wisehart places the reader in a maze of circumstance and misdirection, guided by a protagonist that—although he’s deeply flawed and sometimes a bit heavy-handed—manages to hang onto his sense of humor even more firmly than he does his sanity. In Cabo Sunset, Wisehart delivers another engrossing mystery set in one of the most gorgeous places in North America.


In a cruel and deadly night raid, kidnappers snatch a Mexican real estate baron’s beautiful young wife, load her aboard a small boat and disappear offshore. Captain Valencia, the handsome police official who catches the case, recruits his self-effacing American friend, sometime private detective Ethan Cruickshank, to help get her back. Luck is on the investigatbookcover-Cabo-smors’ side as, among the possible witnesses to the kidnappers’ escape, they meet a couple of attractive and self-reliant women from California with backgrounds that make them the perfect partners in a noble quest northward across the rugged and beautiful tropical desert in search of the victim and her captors. Following a trail of perplexing clues, sifting truth from deceptive appearance, the odd quartet travels from idyllic Los Cabos, scene of the crime, to La Paz on the turquois Sea of Cortez, to a dusty rural outpost where they are forced to think faster and shoot straighter than their enemies. In Cruikshank, veteran author Robert Wisehart creates a thoroughly human protagonist who laughs at himself, his foibles, and the absurdities of the world around him, even as he tests himself against deadly odds in a quest to do what’s right—if he can only figure out what that is. In Cabo, Wisehart delivers a smart, absorbing thriller as arid-yet-exhilarating as the deserts of Baja California Sur.