In a cruel and deadly night raid, kidnappers snatch a Mexican real estate baron’s beautiful young wife, load her aboard a small boat and disappear offshore. Captain Valencia, the handsome police official who catches the case, recruits his self-effacing American friend, sometime private detective Ethan Cruickshank, to help get her back. Luck is on the investigatbookcover-Cabo-smors’ side as, among the possible witnesses to the kidnappers’ escape, they meet a couple of attractive and self-reliant women from California with backgrounds that make them the perfect partners in a noble quest northward across the rugged and beautiful tropical desert in search of the victim and her captors. Following a trail of perplexing clues, sifting truth from deceptive appearance, the odd quartet travels from idyllic Los Cabos, scene of the crime, to La Paz on the turquois Sea of Cortez, to a dusty rural outpost where they are forced to think faster and shoot straighter than their enemies. In Cruikshank, veteran author Robert Wisehart creates a thoroughly human protagonist who laughs at himself, his foibles, and the absurdities of the world around him, even as he tests himself against deadly odds in a quest to do what’s right—if he can only figure out what that is. In Cabo, Wisehart delivers a smart, absorbing thriller as arid-yet-exhilarating as the deserts of Baja California Sur.