Cabo Sunset

A grieving Ethan Cruickshank reluctantly agrees to work for his old acquaintance and sometime nemesis Jeff LaForge, an online mogul. Private investigator Cruickshank’s job is to look into a series of what appear to be threats against LaForge. Like a lot of people, Cruickshank bookcover-CaboSunset-smwouldn’t mind so much if somebody took a shot at the egotistical businessman, but he’d hate to see anything happen to LaForge’s gorgbookcover-CaboSunset-smeous wife, an old flame. The danger suddenly becomes more than threat when one of LaForge’s employees is murdered. Why? And who would pay a trio of Nicaraguan thugs to attack Cruickshank with a baseball bat? Flying back and forth between his home in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and his former stomping grounds in California, the private eye struggles with a case that seems to make less sense the deeper he probes. Novelist Robert Wisehart places the reader in a maze of circumstance and misdirection, guided by a protagonist that—although he’s deeply flawed and sometimes a bit heavy-handed—manages to hang onto his sense of humor even more firmly than he does his sanity. In Cabo Sunset, Wisehart delivers another engrossing mystery set in one of the most gorgeous places in North America.