Cabo Storm

A spoiled, intemperate Hollywood actress blows into beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico, churning up everything in her path—not least the becalmed career of private eye Ethan Cruickshank. Scarred by a hellish childhood ordeal, Ethan has always wielded hiCaboStorm-frontonlys tough-guy insouciance like a shield, screening off a vulnerability that lately—since wife Dina’s death—has pushed him into the emotional equivalent of a tropical depression. He needed something to jar him back into action, but this particular case and this sexy—if predacious—client were not what he had in mind. A tabloid bad-girl whose real life misadventures have overshadowed her inconsequential roles, Rio LeDoux is desperate for a comeback. Her business manager tabs Ethan to keep the star safe and fend off further scandals. Playing glorified babysitter on a location movie set isn’t his thing, but when the case suddenly evolves into a missing-person hunt, Cruikshank returns to peak form. Danger gathers like storm clouds just beyond the lovely Baja horizon as the investigator races to solve two mysterious disappearances while a Pacific hurricane bears down on the peninsula resort. Full of suspense and surprises, Cabo Storm delivers a Category 5 wallop. Fans of author Robert Wisehart, as well as newcomers to his Cabo series of thrillers, won’t want to miss this new Ethan Cruickshank adventure.