Cabo Revenge

Ethan Cruickshank is back. More than a year after the violent breakdown that landed him in a mental hospital, the erstwhile private investigator—now comfortably relocated to the beautiful tip of the Baja Peninsula—finds himself recruited by two clients, both willing to pay handsomely for bookcover-CaboRevenge-smhim to round up same fugitive from justice. Andy Rosa, spoiled heir to an oil fortune, skipped bail while on trial for drugging and raping several young women. Is the rich bail-jumper hiding in laid-back Cabo San Lucas, Cruickshank’s new hometown? After checking with wife Dina and his calming therapist, Cruickshank decides to take the case, which has him patrolling the sun-drenched beaches and cruising the laid-back bars of the Mexican resort town. But who’s calling the shots for the odd collection of lowlifes running interference against the P.I.? After a smart, beautiful, American woman helps Ethan sort out clues, she becomes another victim of cruel violence. That makes the mission to capture Rosa and accomplices a personal quest for Cruickshank and his able young partner, former San Francisco cop Tony Suarez. With reinforcements both imported (a muscular bounty hunter from Oxnard) and local (an accommodating police lieutenant withmatinee-idol looks) they attempt a takedown that turns even uglier than they’d anticipated. In Cruickshank, Author Robert Wisehart has created a thoroughly human and deeply flawed protagonist who—when he’s in his right mind—knows how to laugh at himself and the absurdities of the world around him. In Cabo Revenge, Wisehart delivers a multi-layered, thoughtful thriller with a sense of humor as refreshing as an offshore breeze.