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The Dragon Moon: A Series of Dragon Tails

WhDragonMoonat if dragons living on the moon fell from the sky and secretly made their homes in trash dumps all over the world? Maureen Schlukbier’s The Dragon Moon will delight young readers with tales of friendship and fun as the fallen dragons are forced to live in seclusion and deal with familiar problems for children of all ages. Richly illustrated by Greg Carter, these delightful tales of funny, friendly, colorful dragons are sure to make any child laugh and wonder, “Why on earth would anyone be afraid of a dragon?”

Bugs@Play by Ann Blum

bookcover-Bugs@PlayAnts talk . . . No, really they do, but in BUGS@PLAY: Puppet Shows in which Insects Confront People-Sized Problems, so do butterflies, ladybugs, and cockroaches. There’s even a singing grasshopper. This collection of puppet plays is perfect for reading—in groups or alone—and the plays are just as well suited for performing in a classroom, at camp, or in any setting where children—from the elementary grades on up–enjoy finding out about the natural world.
Playwright Ann Blum’s charming, six-legged characters take on people-sized problems in stories that illustrate how to identify insects, the insect life cycle, insect defense strategies, and even ways that many insects actually make the world a better place for everybody to live in.
With fun at the forefront, Blum also blends in lessons in vocabulary skills and social development. Parents grandparents, after-school supervisors, nature center staff and more will find the plays an invaluable resource. The author includes helpful lesson notes to aid adults in talking to kids about the creatures depicted in each play and to aid budding artists in making their own insect puppets.
Ants, by the way, talk in a language of chemical scents. But let them tell you about it… .